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Company Name

  • Step 1 : To start a new company page either search “dmx_companies:new_company” or in your address bar type in “” when you see “This topic does not exist” click create page to start a new page! ensure that any spaces in your company name are underscores “_” and lowercase when creating a page, That can all be corrected when you set a title. 1)
  • Step 2 : If you click edit you will see the Level 1 Headline at the top you need to have a Level 1 Headline on every page on the first line, this sets the Title of the page, then for a Company this text should be your Companies name ONLY.
  • Step 3 : Break your pages into sections using Level 2 Headlines ensuring that the very last section is a list of your products in Alphabetical order, linking to their correct pages on the wiki (Please create pages on the wiki of your fixtures as well and link to your fixtures page on your site within the wiki page for it) and the very first section directly underneath the Level 1 Headline setting the pages Title should be a description of your company. Take a look at the American DJ page to see a basic layout in action!
  • Step 4 : Don't forget to add your company to the index of Companies by editing this page.

Further Information

If you have any issues what so ever or need an explanation Please email

In your address bar you will see this “” the “/dmx_companies” part is called a namespace, namespaces break things down into sections,

Then the “/template” is the page name, although the “/” breaks them up when writing wiki pages the wiki code uses “:” so for example an internal link would first not need the “” part it would just be dmx_companies:template to link to this page (Click edit page to see how I linked that)

Always include a link at the bottom of your page back to the home page (only if the page is two screens long)!

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new_company should be the name of your company in lowercase and using underscores for spaces
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