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DMX Addresses.

DMX512 is basically a system where up to 512 addresses / channels are send one by one. Only address 1 to 511 are valid for fixture because address 0 is used as sync or start frame.
Each address contains 8 bit which gives the possibility of sending a value from 0 – 255 on each address / channel.
The value 255 is the max for one channel and is also the max parameter for many fields in the fixture creator.
In freestyler the values from 0 to 255 or 0 to 100% can be found.

Each fixture in this system is set to listen on a unique address / channel.

Example: In this figure, Fixture 3 is set to address 13. This is the address that are set on the dip switch or scroll wheel / buttons.
In practice this means that all fixtures are waiting on that address 0 is received. Address 0 is a special address that synchronies address counters in all fixtures.
When the fixtures have received the address 0 synchronizations they count until there address is send and then start to listen.
Fixture 3 will wait until address 13 comes and it will then listen to the next 6 addresses.
FreeStyler must be set to control this fixture on the same address, so they match.

The 6 addresses are the no of channel found in the DMX table for the fixture.
In the DMX table the channel function will be described from 1 to 6 and as the figure above shows this is an offset definition.

If a fixture are using 6 channel, then in Fixture Creator the total no. of channels has to be 6.
If the total no. of channel is wrong, then the fixture will still be listening on 6 channels and there is a risk mal function.
If the number here is set to 5 instead of 6 then “fixture 2”-Strobe and “fixture 3”-Dimmer will react on the same channel and thereby malfunction.

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