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Welcome to The DMX Wiki

A Catalogue of all things related to or concerning DMX Lighting and DMX in General

Learn about dmx? find a manual? get information on your light? find DMX Hardware, Software or apps? Then start a search by filling out the search box on the top right then clicking the magnifying glass button…

Quick Reads :

The Very Simple Guide to DMX *New A very simple and easy to understand guide to the very basics of DMX

DMX Terminator

Dip Switches

Table of Contents :

This is a wiki it is really easy to edit or create pages and requires contributors to help maintain pages and add information if you can help in anyway then please do!

We need :

  • People to create pages for their lights if there is not one already or software/apps/hardware that is not currently .
  • Edit pages for lights/software etc etc adding your own useful information just like a forum you'd share your knowledge think of this wiki as a book with your tips permanently written for all to see!
  • Translate current pages into your local language! If your language is not above in the language bar then let us know!

You will get a response to any queries within an hour during UK daytime hours by emailing Please help this to be the best DMX Resource by getting involved!

Problems Registering? Problems getting emails? Any type of problem at all just email for fast 24 hour response to any queries!

Official Windows Phone 8 Dip Switch APP available here

Some Martin Fixture Manuals now uploaded! If you have brought a Stairville or Lightmaxx lighting fixture please scan and email the manuals too us at

Need Colour Pictures? Head Here

Need Gobo Pictures? Head Here

Faster News and a place for Chat about the Wiki - Yes we're HERE →

Some old versions of DMX Software are going to be archived, if the link to the software file is in the archived section of the wiki page it MUST be linked to if it isn't do NOT download it and report it to

Check out the DMX Basics Section to learn about DMX!

Feel Free to link to our wiki for example using our definitions explanations on your site

We currently need people to build pages for lighting fixtures if you have a lighting fixture please start a page, upload a pdf manual or scan of the original manual

We'd really really appreciate it if any Chinese lighting manufacturers would upload pdf's of their manuals, if your a chinese company and you'd like help or would like to send us a bulk load of pdf's then please email

If your a DMX related company then start a page and create pages for your devices/software!/apps

Be a Wiki Master Head to the Wiki Zone to learn more about editing and creating pages!

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