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Our mission statement is simple; “Awesome entertain with LED.” Abstract are true lighting pioneers designing innovative lighting for over two decades and our founder, Steve Watts, has been responsible for some of the worlds most exciting entertainment lighting effects. His career follows a truly extraordinary path of innovation, design and pioneering extravagance. 1990 was the official launch date of Abstract design to light, this was the name of the company from the start until it’s incorporation in 2003 with the focus on mobile DJ lighting being the passion of the company. By the late 90′s, Abstract had strong brand awareness with products like the Twister being as famous as Hoover within the entertainment industry. The year 2000 was a magnificent year with turnover and profits hitting an all time high. Steve Watts, along with his team, developed their way in to the world entertainment arena whereby most of the world effects lighting had some form of resemblance to Abstract core design. The company was simply epic in this era with sales reaching global dynamics. 1)

Company History

1990 Launch year of the mighty Twister

1991 Scatsan compliments the range

1992 Plasa London show premiers Syncroscat

1993 Wildstar adds dimension to the Twister

1994 Hypermoon sees it’s world debut

1995 Pioneering Rave tops UK sales

1996 Monstermoon powers nightclubs

1997 Futuresacan dominate it’s class

1998 VR8 beauty rocks the industry

1999 VR12 defines industry standards

2000 Colour master changes the world

2001 CM50 downlighter rules supreme

2002 Abstract enter the LED arena

2003 LED dance floor excites clubs

2004 LED downlight compliments CM50

2005 CRX 800 first to motorised LED

2006 CRX 1200 touring LED bar

2007 Osiris RGBW LED raises the bar

2008 CE3 Tri-coloured LED takes hold

2009 Flash tube strobe innovates LED

2010 Ledbuddy takes control to a new level


Taken from Abstract Lighting Website 2nd June 2012
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