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GLP (German Light Products)

Udo Kuenzler has always had a passion as well as a fascination with lighting, so in 1994 he decide to do something about it, he founded GLP German Light Products Inc. Since then GLP has worked hard to become an established brand name of high-quality and innovative lights for the professional lighting market.

Today, GLP is one of the leading manufacturers of high-class lighting technology with a focus on quality and affordability. Our technology is driven by a constant dialogue with our customers in order to ensure a level of product innovation that exceeds expectations.

In April 2006 Udo decided he wanted to take the company to the next level, that is when GLP joined the entertainment software group; Cairos technologies AG. Since 2011 GLP is 100% privately owned.

All GLP products are developed through the passion and customer focus of our engineering development team based at the headquarters in southern Germany. Our lights are renowned for their quality, reliability and design - as are our range of lighting controllers.

We manufacture our lights and controllers at several production sites in and outside the EU. The manufacturing sites go through arduous testing periods before they are ramped up for production, and an intensive quality control by German engineers is carried out at every site to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability.

GLP Products are used in many different applications within the entertainment and architectural market segments, some examples are touring, television, night clubs, exhibitions and retail environments these are just some of the areas of application where our products shine. Worldwide distribution takes place from our main warehouse in Karlsbad, Germany.


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