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PR Lighting

Founded in 1984, at Guangzhou, China, PR Lighting Ltd. has been dedicated to R&D and manufacture of professional, intelligent stage lighting, architectural lighting and LED products. After its positive evolution during the past 20 years time, the company has now pioneered in China lighting industry, and earned a solid reputation for its own brand all over the world.

Throughout the past 24 years, PR has always adhere to its goal that goes as “become a world leading lighting enterprise, lick into shape a globally renowned brand, and play an exemplary role for other Chinese enterprises in the lighting industry”, and presented a vast range of high-quality, high-tech and world–leading lighting products, thus earning a strong reputation and many awards/honors for its brand name “PR” around the world.

Talent sourcing always comes as a prerequisite for pursuit of scientific and technological advancement. In the process of setting up brand, PR took the lead to engage top expertise of lighting technology and excellent sales experts in the world, who come from USA, Italy and Canada. Their participations in PR render more attracting power to the international brand of PR Lighting and help PR to become a key enterprise of international technical level in the worldwide lighting industry.

In terms of manufacturing means and scientific management mode, PR has also mobilized enormous resource. It penetrates the ISO9001 international quality standard into the whole operation management, strictly implementing it from the training on the quality awareness to employees of the design, development, production, sales and service of products, thus makes it carried out really in PR. In 1994, PR invested large funds for purchasing the Japanese CNC precise production line for metal ware processing to promote the technology and international level.In 2000, PR was provided with quality inspection equipment and ERP network management system to maximize efficiency of the resources for enterprise management.

PR Lighting is the very first Chinese supplier of professional stage lighting products which entered the world scene, thus far, PR Lighting has its PR brand registered in China, USA, European Community, Russia, Japan and South Korea, etc, and also become an international member of ESTA, PLASA and ILDA. Its distribution network has swept over all the key medium and large sized cities in China and in the rest of the world. 1)


Taken from the PR Lighting Website 12/6/12
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