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Visual Productions BV

Visual Productions BV is a Dutch based company that manufactures Lighting Control solutions. The product designs specialize in smart, cross-platform software solutions for controlling intelligent, LED and conventional lights and solid-state, multi-protocol hardware solutions. Via an international network of distributors and installation companies we provide lighting control solutions for the following markets: Semi & Permanent Installation, Architectural, Museum, Retail, Rental, Themed venues, Live-entertainment, Bars & Clubs.

The Cuelux software range came to market as a forerunner in touchscreen compatible, cross- platform, Mac, Windows & Linux, inexpensive, live lighting control solution. This year marks the launch of the eagerly awaited CueluxPro software.

The CueCore hardware product family, includes the IoCore and the new B-Station interface. These products provides solid-state, multi-protocol, intuitive hardware for lighting control. These products can run autonomously or in combination with each-other and our software solutions.

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