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ChamSys MagicQ PC

The fully featured MagicQ PC enables shows to be pre-programmed on a PC (Windows, Mac or Linux) thus enabling Lighting Designers to design and program their shows in advance.

Transfer of show data between the PC and the console uses standard high capacity USB memory sticks, or a direct network connection.

MagicQ PC supports the same functionality and user interface as the physical consoles making it easy to move between the two products.

MagicQ PC can also be used to run complete shows, either as a back-up to the main console or as console in its own right.

Connecting the MagicQ PC Wing to MagicQ PC gives the playback and programming control of the MagicQ consoles (faders, encoders and buttons) but with a small lightweight (6KG) solution that can easily be carried onto an aeroplane as hand luggage.

All MagicQ console products are built upon the mission critical Linux operating system. MagicQ PC can run under Windows, Linux or on Apple Macs

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