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DMX control software for USB RS-485 communication devices

(Controls lighting through low cost communication devices)

Lightput is a freeware program that can control the amazing lighting technology available today. Lightput's goal is to make high-end LED lighting more accessible to homes, small businesses, and creative projects working on a budget that wish to have high quality, customizable lighting. Lightput is a simple to use freeware solution for controlling lights through DMX communications, which is a widely used, time-tested system for controlling lighting.

Lightput is designed to control lighting as soon as it runs in a very simple and easy to use way. Lightput does not attempt to profile different lights on the market or specifically support effects like panning, etc. Although you could control these effects with Lightput, Lightput is designed to control the output levels of lighting, specifically designed to control new dimmable LED drivers.

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