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Q Light Controller Plus

Logo based on bulb icon by deleket

QLC+ homepage:
QLC+ on GitHub:
Current version: 4.10.1

QLC+ is a fork of the great QLC project written by Heikki Junnila. This project aims to continue the development of QLC and to introduce new features.
For the list of basic features, HW support, wiki and contributors please refer to the QLC website

Differences from QLC

  • NEW: Multitrack Show editor for offline desk capabilities
  • NEW: Audio input/output support
  • NEW: Import/export fixtures list
  • NEW: Channels groups
  • NEW: Cue list crossfade
  • NEW: Fixtures remapping
  • NEW: ArtNet and E1.31 native input/output plugin
  • NEW: OSC input/output/feedback plugin
  • NEW: DMX4ALL devices support
  • NEW: Dump DMX values into scenes/chasers
  • NEW: Quick access to 750+ gobos, color presets, RGB values
  • NEW: Speed dial input auto detection
  • NEW: Web access
  • NEW: MIDI Program Change and Beat clock
  • NEW: Virtual Console frames can be collapsed/expanded
  • FIX: MIDI feedbacks
  • FIX: XY pad input detection
  • Improved Simple Desk. Can control all the universes
  • new look & feel based on the Humanity icon theme


  • Fixture-oriented interface.
  • Unlimited DMX universes, 512 channels each
  • Fast changing and smoothly fading scenes and chasers
  • Easy creation of complex patterns for moving lights with EFX
  • Conjure/design your favourite lighting desk layout with the virtual console™
  • Support for external fader devices such as the Behringer BCF-2000 or nanoKONTROL 2

Input/Output plugins map

Supported Hardware Plugin name in GUI Type OS supported Notes
ArtNet ArtNet Input/Output Linux/Windows/OSX Tested with eDMX2 TX, Enttec ODE, ArtNet Controller LITE, Controlador ArtNet DMX (Lite), Modul8
E.31 E1.31 Input/Output Linux/Windows/OSX Tested with eDMX2 TX
Enttec Open DMX USB DMX USB Output Linux/Windows/OSX
Enttec DMX USB Pro DMX USB Input/Output Linux/Windows/OSX
Enttec DMX USB Pro Mk2 DMX USB Input/Output Linux/Windows/OSX
DMXKing USB DMX512-A DMX USB Output Linux/Windows/OSX
DMXKing ultraDMX micro DMX USB Output Linux/Windows/OSX
DMXKing ultraDMX Pro DMX USB Input/Output Linux/Windows/OSX
DMX4ALL adapters DMX USB Output Linux/Windows/OSX Tested with StageProfi MK2
FTDI USBCOM 485+ DMX USB Output Linux/Windows/OSX
Gus Electronics USB-VL344 DMX USB Output Linux/Windows/OSX
DMX4Linux DMX4Linux Output Linux
Enttec Playback Wing ENTTEC Wing Input Linux/Windows/OSX
Enttec Shortcut Wing ENTTEC Wing Input Linux/Windows/OSX
USB HID Joystick HID Input Linux/Windows
FX5 USB DMX HID Input/Output Linux/Windows/OSX
MIDI MIDI Input/Output/Feedback Linux/Windows/OSX
OLA OLA Output Linux/OSX
OSC OSC Input/Output/Feedback Linux/Windows/OSX Tested with TouchOSC
Rodin1 Peperoni Output Linux/Windows/OSX
Anyma uDMX uDMX Output Linux/OSX
Velleman K8062D Velleman Output Windows Proprietary DLL needed


Fixture definitions are used to map generic functions of a fixture like intensity, pan, tilt etc. to the specific DMX channels and values.
You can create your own fixture definitions to suit your needs, but there are a number of ready-made definitions (624 at the moment) listed here!
QLC+ has a graphical “fixture creator” program.

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