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White Cat Lighting Board

White Cat is a new project of software for lighting in danse, theatre and concerts fields. It is actually traditional lights oriented ( dimmers).

The White cat design strives to make it simple to use, and to give light technicians, light designers, videos artists and artists in general, a comfortable, easy, and useful tool, that answers many environmental and work situations.

  • Manual approach ( masters , video tracking)
  • Cue approach ( Cue List and Automations)
  • Multi-software approach( midi talking and remote control, dmx In and Art-Net merging )

White Cat proposes:

  • a theatre oriented design
  • a CueList
  • an electronic patch (512 gradas) with 16 customizable curves
  • 4 channel macros per channel
  • a powerful automations handler working inside the CueList, enabling encapsulating events such has audio, channel-time effects,call of many internal functions, chasers, etc….
  • a 4x audio player to the stereo output
  • 48 faders of 6 docks, recordable on the fly (channels, memories, dynamicals contents…), with integrated times, cirves and LFOs. Faders are usable with mouse, midi, and maybe automated.
  • several modes of calculation between faders ( substract, add, screen, exclusion)
  • ability to create fader groups
  • 128 chasers of 24 tracks, for on the fly usage, by mouse or midi, build on music-sequencer's design
  • a trichromy/quadrichromy wheel with 8 color-preset to handle RGB or RGBY traditionnal spots
  • 4 GridPlayers, enabling complexs lighting effects
  • tracking video aka Air-Lighting to be use with any webcam
  • built in Lighting Plot editor, enabling patching from plot
  • drawing lights on stage in a performance with your iOs device
  • ASCII Usitt export import , import of schwartzpeter shows
  • PDF export of your show
  • possibility to modify in stack channel and memories (wizard menu)
  • a remote for iPod/Phone and iPad, based on the free app Fantastick
  • Art-Net in and merging for multi-software use
  • Double dmx output ( usb + art-net) to remote other softs in art-net (Arkaos, VVVV )
  • midi in and out ( remoted and remoting)
  • midi retrolightning
  • evoluated midi mute for non motorized midi surfaces
  • possibility to modifier in stack channel and memories (wizard menu)
  • arduino communication: Duemillanove (log. 0.18), and UNO ( log 0.22), enabling you to connect easely to electronci devices, in usb, ethernet or RF ( jeenodes )
  • retrolighting Midi feedback for Launchpad and others devices
  • arduino serial communication built in, for easy remoting and receiving of electronics
  • an complete set of sketches for the arduino, including art-net protocol
  • a vvvv set of patches for lighting with a videoprojector

Dmx interfaces supported:

Art-Net protocol / Enttec Pro / Enttec Open / Velleman K8062 / Sunlite 8C /

White Cat Website (French with English Link)

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