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A scanner is an intelligent lighting fixture that uses a moveable mirror to pan/tilt the projected light beam to a given place. Scanners usually have both a Gobo and a colour wheel to enable the user to project patterns and colours. Scanners are fitted with a single bulb that could be anything from 150watt to 1500watt.

Various manufactures make scanners and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and performance options.

A new range of scanners are now starting to appear on the market that are using high powered LEDs.

Examples of scanners are shown below, as you can see they are all different in the way they look. You can clearly see the mirror and especially on the Martin Mania SCX600 you can see where the light beam comes from. It also show the normal mounting position, hanging down, but they can be mounted side ways or upside down if you use the correct mounting fixtures.

Some Examples of Scanners
GLP Junior Scan Martin Mania SCX600 Robe Club Scan 250
GLP Junior Scan Martin Mania SCX600 Robe Club Scan 250

Another variety of scanner is called the roller. This type of scanner has a muti-faceted mirror in the shape of a drum. The drum spins around it's axis and it can be panned left/right. As it has multi faceted mirrors on it the light beam is scattered in lots of directions. Quite popular in night club environments.

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