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Afterglow Aurora-i

Why take risks with your expensive PC or laptop! With a normal PC to DMX interface any fault in your DMX lighting, dimmer packs, cables or any other connected equipment can put damaging voltages into the DMX interface and back into the computer. This can damage the port that the DMX interface is connected to, or in the worst case destroy the computer completely.

With the Afterglow Aurora-i USB DMX Interface, your expensive computer is protected against these dangerous voltages. Featuring 1500v isolation on both the data and power lines as well as spike and short circuit protection the Aurora-i is a professional PC DMX controller without a professional price tag. The Aurora-i is a full 512 channel (1 universe) USB PC DMX interface.

Small enough to carry in your pocket but powerful enough to control the largest disco or stage show, just plug the USB cable into your PC, install the drivers and software (supplied) and start creating. The only thing not included is the computer, lighting and your imagination!

The Afterglow Aurora-i is compatible with many DMX Software packages.

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