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Digital Enlightenment USB-DMX

The free Digital Enlightenment USB-DMX Interface is a professional, high performance DMX Interface for self-construction. It features fully DMX512-compliant simultaneous input and output, as well as the possibility to merge the input universe with the pc-output directly in the interface. Another feature is the possibility to exactly tune the dmx-timing parameters for maximum performance and compatibility with devices that don't fulfill the dmx512-specification. You can also use the interface as a DMX-repeater in standalone-mode by connecting a 9-12V power supply.

The dmx-values of the input and output universe are stored in an internal buffer to minimize USB and CPU-utilization, so your CPU is free for running the lighting software. USB-communication is highly optimized for maximum performance. The interface features direct USB-communication and does not use slow RS232-emulation chips. You can connect up to 32 USB-DMX interfaces to one PC.

The Digital Enlightenment USB-DMX Interface is compatible to a great number of PC-lighting software

Main Features

  • Fully DMX512 compliant input (one universe)
  • Fully DMX512 compliant output (one universe)
  • High performance direct USB-Communication (no FTDI-chip)
  • Buffering of DMX-data directly in the interface
  • Electically isolated DMX Tranceiver (max. 1000V)
  • Adjustable DMX timing parameters (Interbyte-, Interframe-, Mark- and Breaktime as well as the number of sent DMX channels and the DMX-Startbyte)
  • ArtNet-DMX software node

Further Information

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