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Enttec RDM USB Pro

Born from the Open DMX USB interface the RDM PRO version is the ultimate USB DMX adapter for all computer based lighting needs including RDM capability. The pro is the fastest interface available with frame rates of up to 850 frames per second and is supported by all common operating systems.

RDM Features

  • Supports RDM ANSI(E.120) ESTA Fully
  • Fully Compatible with RDM Controller Application
  • Fully Compatible with RDM Sniffer Application
  • Fully Compatible with RDM Responder Application
  • Part of the IFE - Testing Equipment for RDM Compatibility

DMX Features

  • 1500 V full isolation (data & power lines to protect your computer from surges)
  • 1 Input & 1 Output connector (there is only one DMX port though)
  • RDM enabled
  • Internal frame buffering
  • Drivers for Windows, OSX and Linux
  • Universe & user config EEPROM
  • Refresh Rate configurable from 1 to 40Hz with a full 512 channel frame
  • Break configurable from 96uS to 1.3mS
  • MaB configurable from 10.6uS to 1.3mS
  • Upgradeable firmware

Further Information

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