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Robert Juliat Espion 2

To test, analyse, check, visualize, capture, record, edit, amplify, regenerate, send cues… the ESPION2 is the perfect tool for technicians using the DMX 512 protocol. A stand-alone tool : ESPION 2 is a compact, sturdy device, small enough to fit in your hand:

  • Send a DMX stream ( %, hexa) through various modes.
  • Cable test in real time with display of the failure diagnosis.
  • Personalized tests of moving lights through a fixture library (parameters,
  • macros, tests…).
  • Visualization of the DMX stream (bar graphs, %, hexa) with automatic search mode. 4
  • Analysis of DMX stream : error %, characteristics, set up of record time…
  • Line test : short-circuits, terminal plug…
  • DMX level capture, parameters and cues recording….
  • Restitution of cues, chasers.
  • Booster / Regeneration of DMX stream : choice of frequency, backup, patch, LTP/HTP modes…
  • Conversion digital / decimal (Dip switch).

By connecting the ESPION 2 to a computer* through the USB port, you will :

  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface with the main features of the ESPION 2 and even more. Notably: visualization of incoming signal, recording scenes, playing chasers, testing moving lights and also upload/download cues recorded on the ESPION2 or on the computer,update the fixture library…
  • Upgrade the ESPION 2 by downloading the free updates from our website.
  • Name and identify your ESPION 2 thanks to an electronic tag system.
  • Use the ESPION as a free interface to develop your own software
  • (open-architecture).
  • ESTA DMX512-A and RDM ready…

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