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Before editing Wiki Pages...

  1. Learn the Formatting Syntax (The code to change the styles and appearance of your wiki pages) here.
  2. Test out your formatting or any edits at The Playground, a wiki page designed for you to play with and without destroying existing pages!
  3. To create a page 'Search' for it using the name you intend have for the page, if it isn't found then click 'Create Page' to start writing the new page. For more info click here.
  4. All new pages require a H1 Header this sets the Title in the top left of every page.
  5. This wiki uses Namespaces to categorise content to create a Namespace do as Number 3 above but put infront the name of the namespace you wish to use then : i.e. namespace:page for more info click here
  6. Help People understand further by linking to appropriate definitions to further explain what the words mean for example you write “The Moving Head Pans across the room very fast” as you can see some people may not understand what 'Pan' means but because it's linked to a page that explains 'Panning' the reader then can appreciate your page even more rather than getting confused from the start.
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