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Stairville - DJLase150-RGY DMX

Stairville DJLase 150 RGY DMX laser performer uses the latest muti-patterns laser control system researched and developed by ourselves. It can control four different patterns with various effects simultaneously. It adopts the latest appearance design to make it compact and light. The housing uses the imported paint.

Stairville DJLase 150 RGY DMX laser performer adopts the semiconductor laser source. Laser generator is double-temperature -controlled power supply. The laser light source has a long life span and high stability, complying with the international standard.

It uses the latest low speed vibratory scanner system researched and developed by ourselves, international DMX-512 signal control. There are 85 latest geometric laser patterns in it, as well as 26 pre-programmed 4patterns laser shows.It can make tunnel effect and animation, geometric, character and three-dimensional effects, Laser sky effects, Rolling effects, Scanning effects, and Laser tunnel effects in all directions with 5kpps vibratory mirror scanner system.

Control mode: DMX-512 signal control (with 16CH), music active, automatic run, master & slave control mode. It can be applied for the place of public entertainment such as disco, night club, TV station and theater etc.

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