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Company Name - Lighting Fixture Model Name

  • Step 1 : To start a new Lighting Fixture page either search “lighting_fixtures:company_name:model_range:model_name” or in your address bar type in “” when you see “This topic does not exist” click create page to start a new page! ensure that any spaces in your company name are underscores “_” and lowercase when creating a page, That can all be corrected when you set a title. 1)
  • Step 2 : If you click edit you will see the Level 1 Headline at the top you need to have a Level 1 Headline on every page on the first line, this sets the Title of the page, so then for a Lighting Fixture this text should be your Lighting Fixtures Company name then Model Range then Model for example : Abstract VRX Gladiator.
  • Step 3 : Break your pages into sections using Level 2 Headlines ensuring that the very last section is a level 5 headline being “Documentation” then either a picture of the manual or a download-able PDF (Click add images or other files to upload a PDF to the wiki! Take a look at the American DJ - P36 BlinderRGB page to see a basic layout in action!
  • Step 4 : When creating the sub sections why not add useful tips and tricks about the fixture? if you don't have any before the documentation section put a level 3 Headline “Hints & Tips” with :

Please add any Hints or Tips regarding this lighting fixture here! and then a page break!

If you have any issues what so ever or need an explanation Please email

In your address bar you will see this “” the “/lighting_fixtures” part is called a namespace, namespaces break things down into sections,

Then the “/template” is the page name, although the “/” breaks them up, When writing wiki pages the wiki code uses “:” so for example an internal link would first not need the “” part it would just be lighting_fixtures:template to link to this page (Click edit page to see how I linked that)

Always include a link at the bottom of your page of long pages back to the home page!

**Please ensure that if you upload a pdf manual that you RENAME IT for easier sorting and for future generations. Use the following example as a guide to renaming PDFS BEFORE upload “companyname(abbreviated)_modelname.pdf” 2)

No description yet please add one.

Hints & Tips

Please add any Hints or Tips regarding this lighting fixture here!

Further Information

Please add ANY links etc here

company_name should be the name of company that sells the light i.e. abstract, model_range should be the name of a range of models for example vrx as in the Abstract VRX Scanner or VRX Gladiator etc etc and then the model_name i.e. gladiator in lowercase and using underscores for spaces for example Do not include a model ramge if the light is not part of a range of lights
Use _ for spaces and for the company name just put, for example American DJ → ADJ
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