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About The DMX Wiki - Why are we here?

Many Years ago back in a local nightclub I used to be a Bar Man, I was fascinated with the lights and really wanted to have a go controlling them but couldn't un-seat the Light Jockey from his position! Eventually I was offered to work the Wednesday Nights as the Light jockey I thought great! At the time they where using Martin Light Jockey (The MS-DOS version! not sure of specific version) This was great because I was great with PC's but within a week or so they sacked the main weekend DJ and he claimed the system was his and so he ripped it out :( So we where left with a Martin 2510 Controller and had to utilise that to try and justify my job (For those that don't know this is a Martin 2510 Controller).

So I went from a fully featured program to 3 buttons and pre-made sequences (up/down and enter) while I was struggling to justify my job and get somewhere as a light jockey I needed to re-instate the Martin Light Jockey System but the pc card that converts to DMX your actions in Light Jockey costed in excess of £1000! there was now no way I was going to be able to achieve that on my 3 days a week working at a nightclub!

so I lost my job as a light jockey…

it wasn't until a fair few years later when the dawn of the cheaper USB-DMX devices came into the scene and I got hooked on a free program that worked with these Cheap USB to DMX devices and that was FreeStyler DMX, using what I knew regarding pc's and lighting so far I helped out in the forum then with Matt another Member of the forum we managed to persuade the Developer Raph to migrate his 'free' forum and we'd host him a new feature rich one to help his ongoing development.

The forum now has 5900+ members and a team of dedicated volunteers.

I've always liked Wikipedia and thought about creating a wiki for FreeStyler DMX as a way of having permanent tutorials aswell as an online upto date help system as and when new features came out giving Raph the developer the time to concentrate on bug fixes, features and his personal life! well this came to fruition,

The one problem, as I've never been in highly paid jobs and didn't get that chance to shine in lighting way back when my knowledge is limited in operating certain parts of the software and understanding some things about DMX in general so I couldn't contribute very much to the wiki luckily it really kicked off when two forum members dedicated alot of their time to populating the wiki.

Well I've decided that its about time people had a central dmx knowledge base to train people for the future and give people like myself an opportunity in lighting by having information to hand that will help, again the problem is I can't do it all as my knowledge is limited but the building blocks and the basics I can, Hopefully the world wide community will see the need for this and contribute so we can help and support others in their quest in lighting.

The wiki also serves to address problems encountered with lighting that have been raised in the FreeStyler forum many times, like Manuals/DMX Charts! I'm slowly archiving all manuals I can find for future generations (for example people who may have a light handed down to them thats 10 years old and the manufacturer no longer exists).

I hope you can help me, and help others

Many Thanks for reading.

Adam - The DMX Wiki Admin

(This first Draft was created on 1/8/12 at 23:33 and I'm half asleep so if it doesn't make sense I'll tidy it up over the coming weeks!)

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