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DMX adaptors.

There are some differences in DMX connectors where some some fixtures comes with a 5 pin connector or some has a crossed polarity in the connector. (+ and – are swapped.)
This has, among others, been a issue with some older Martin Fixtures.

So here are some adaptors that may be a good idea to have in the tool box.

DMX 3 pin / 5 pin

There are types of DMX connectors. A 3 pin and a 5 pin.

This gives a problem when the DMX controller and half of the fixtures are of the 3 pin type and the rest is the 5 pin type.

To overcome this problem a 5 pin to 3 pin adaptor are needed.

These comes in more shapes and can be bought from most of DMX light suppliers.
Alternative it is quit simple to make and can be home made.

The adaptors comes in more shapes and it is a question of like and don’t-like.

Here is a cable type.

Here is a solid type.
Note that the solid type and the DMX cable connector in total gives a quit long load on the Fixture connector and this can give a high tension compared to the cable adaptor shown above. So if possible the cable type are to prefer.

If it is a DIY project then here are the wiring diagram.

DMX Crossover adaptor.
It is just a cable where the one end of wire are swapped.

DMX Terminator
This can be bought in various shapes or it can be DIY project.

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