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Pulsar - Masterpiece 48

Introduced by Pulsar in 1990, the Masterpiece range started with the Masterpiece 108 and features both Analogue and Digital outputs with the latter offering both DMX and Pulsar's proprietory PMX output. Unusually, although the hardware of the desk was complete at release, the software was only partially complete and incremental improvements were released over the next 10 years, particular milestones being the implementation of the patch facility in 1998 (allowing the desk's 108 control channels to be 'mapped' to 255 DMX channels) and the introduction of the Chase Generator in 2000. In 1992, the range was expanded to include the Masterpiece 48, while the Masterpiece 216 arrived in 1999. Recently, the Masterpiece 96 has superceded the Masterpiece 48 (but isn't yet described in the manual).1)

Taken from the website June 11th 2012
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