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ElectroDroid is a simple and powerful collection of electronics tools and reference; it includes:

  • Resistor color code decoder (3-6 bands, and inverse lookup);
  • Ohm’s law calculator;
  • Reactance calculator;
  • Voltage divider;
  • Resistor ratio, value/series/parallel;
  • Operational amplifier;
  • LED resistor calculator;
  • Voltage Drop calculator;
  • Simple Filters calculator;
  • PCB trace width calculator;
  • Inductor color code;
  • Decibel and frequency converter;
  • Port pin-out (USB, Serial, Parallel, Ethernet, SCART, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, VGA, FireWire, Jack, XLR, RCA, DMX, ATX, Molex, EIDE, SATA, Registered Jack, DisplayPort, Vesa, Fiber Optic 25-pair color codes);
  • Resources (Resistivity table; Table of standard resistors and capacitors; Capacitor marking codes; AWG and SWG Wire size; Ampacity Table; Symbols and Abbreviations; Circuit Schematic Symbols; SI Units prefixes; Battery info; Boolean logic gate and algebra Theorems; 7400 info and pinout; ASCII code; SMD Packages info);

Full support for EIA resistor series for all caluculators;

More to come soon!

Operating System

Windows 7.5/8



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